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The following are questions that have been asked on
numerous occasions.

What is "Switch scanning?"

Find the answer at this site.

Is Assistive Technology expensive?

Assistive Technology does not have to be
expensive.  The misconception is that for AT to
work, it needs to be expensive, this is not
true.  The price is directly related to the
assistive technology option.
Reading Task:  
Index card guide to assist the user in tracking
and/or focusing on each line of the text - Free
and/or low cost
Computer software to allow text to be read
aloud to the user - More expensive

The cost of an assistive technology option
does not determine its effectiveness.  In other
words, bigger does not always mean better.  
The determining factor of the effectiveness of
an AT option is the functional skill level and
needs of the user.

Can one person determine what AT option will
best serve the user’s needs?

The Assistive Technology Assessment may be
facilitated by one person, but, it is a
Transdisciplinary Team process.  Team
members may include but not be limited to:  
The client/user, family members, friends,
medical personnel, personal support
personnel, physical therapists, occupational
therapists, Support Agency personnel,
employers and an assistive technology

What happens when various AT options are
chosen to be appropriate?

When AT options are designated as
appropriate, a trial period should take place to
review the functional value and use of the
item.  This allows the user to explore the
equipment and help with the final
determination prior to purchasing the item.

Once the AT option has been purchased, is
that the end of the AT intervention process?

No, once the item has been purchased, the
AT intervention process transitions into a
training process for the user and support
persons.  The level of support at that time is
directly related to the AT option, the user and
the support team members.

Once the user and the support persons have
been trained, is that the end of the AT
intervention process?

No, the AT intervention process continues with
follow-up support.  The follow-up process
helps to address continued functional use,
change in personnel and other variables that
directly relate to the user and the AT option.

What determines the delivery time frame once
the AT option is established as functional and
appropriate for the user?

The funding source (who is paying for the
equipment) and the availability of the
equipment from the manufacturer and/or
vendor, determines the time frame from
selecting a functional and appropriate AT
option to the delivery date of that option.  
Direct Purchase from User:  The determining
factor will be completing the purchase process
and the availability of the item with the
Public Agency purchase: the required
paperwork must be completed and the
purchasing process of the particular agency
must be followed.  
Note:  Most agencies
choose to be the payee of last resort.
Medical facilities:  The required medical need
must be established and the necessary
paperwork must be completed according to
the facilities rules of coverage.
Product Availability:  Contact the vendor to
determine the delivery time frame once
payment is made.  They will be able to give
you a window of time from receipt of funds to
The product delivery time is directly related
to:  first the funding source, and second the
vendor’s product availability.
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